Things that make me go GAH!

I finished the body of the Scalloped Lace Baby Cardigan the other day. I wanted to block the body to double-check my post-blocking gauge before I knit the sleeves, so I set it aside for a moment and started another baby cardigan. In the time since I cast on for the first cardigan, another baby made his (early!) appearance into this world, which meant that I needed to get cracking on the little hoodie I’d planned for him.

Scalloped Lace Goof

I picked the lace cardigan yesterday and noticed a big goof. Can you find it?

Gah. I hate that. I spent so much time looking at this, but somehow didn’t see anything wrong. I already frogged the buttonband on the buttonhole side once after I realized that somehow I didn’t space the buttonholes evenly. Frogging stitches at the edge of the work is a royal pain (and a really good argument for picking up stitches and knitting the buttonbands after the fact— which is incidentally what I decided to do with the hoodie sweater!). Wish I’d goofed on the row below, because then I could have just sewn the button over it and ignored it!


If you have other suggestions, please post them in the comments. This is a gift for my son’s teacher, and the school year is rapidly drawing to a close, so I am running out of time!


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  1. I voted for #3, but another option would be to make it into a pullover with a mock-cardigan front – you could sew the button bands together, add buttons that are pure decoration and avoid the issue entirely!

  2. Call me what you will, but I’d just leave it. It’s for a baby, it’s not like they’re going to complain about it, and they’ll outgrow it soon enough.
    Though the ulitmate question is, can YOU live with it?

  3. First of all, where does the error lie vis a vis the buttons? If it lays under a button, forget it. Otherwise, why not run a garter duplicate stitch over those 4 or 5 stitches? I know that duplicate stitches are usually done with stockinette stitch, but why could you not ‘duplicate’ those few stitches in garter in a matching bit of thread?
    (If it’s any consolation, I did not notice the error until you circled it…just sayin’)

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