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Friday Funnies: On Swatching

“[Swatches are] as honest as ex-husbands with new girlfriends and hair transplants who owe you child support…. on a good day.”

The Yarn Harlot

Friday Funnies: Alien Knitters

I’m willing to suspect aliens of introducing entrelac…



Friday Funnies

Another winner from Worsted for Wear!


Stash overflow

Worsted for Wear, 2012-06-18

Another great one from the folks at Worsted for Wear!

PS If you’re a computer geek, you’ll understand why the title of this post makes me giggle. 😉

Yarn bombed in Philly

When we were in Philly last week, we saw this:

Yarn bombed phone

Even my husband laughed. And then he pointed out that it would be kind of hard to use the phone now. I wonder if that knitter has as much trouble adding buttonbands as I do….

Friday Funnies

More gems from Dave Lowe at, in celebration of March being Crafts Month. Release your inner Knittar!

Friday Funnies

Worsted For Wear

Finding the humor in gauge disasters...

Check it out! A whole comic strip all about knitting!

Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies

If you’re trying to cut down on your carbs, pasta is out. But you can still knit yourself some edible underwear!