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Knitting blues

I seem to be in a bit of a knitting funk. Not that I’m not knitting; I am. But I’m having a bit of trouble getting something accomplished!

After I put the green sweater in time out, I turned my attention back to the baby sweater. I had figured out what I’d done wrong on the yoke of the green sweater, so I fixed my calculations for the baby sweater and went on my merry away, carrying it around with me and knitting whenever I got a chance.

Scalloped Lace Baby Sweater

Isn’t it cute?

Unfortunately, I kind of ignored the little voice in the back of my head that say, “Hmmm. Doesn’t that look a little bit small to you?” No, I knew my math was right! So I kept on knitting.

Yesterday, I bound off the bottom, laid it out and thought, “That really looks small.” So I (finally!)¬†got out my measuring tape, and lo and behold, each repeat is almost 1/4″ more narrow than my gauge swatch, which means that over 8 repeats… it’s waaay too narrow. Arrrrrrrrgh.

So today I will rip this back to the underarms and begin on row 5 of the lace repeat (the increase row), which will give me 11 lace repeats instead of 8. And then I will reknit the entire lace portion.

Yes, there will be beer and/or wine involved.

And once I’m done this sweater, I am going to knit shawls, because they always fit fine.