WWKIP Weekend

imageI was determined to finish this sock, which I started probably two years ago for my husband.  I knit the first one, no sweat, making up the pattern as I went along (top-down and simple ribbing with X and O cables down the side, awwwww).  I started the second one and stalled.  I restarted and ran out of yarn.  Bought more yarn.  Didn’t like where the colors joined, so I ripped it back, matched up the colors, stalled again.  Decided that the problem was the needles.  Switched to new needles, knit a few inches, realized my gauge was too big.  Switched needles again.  Gauge now too small.  Sock went in time out.  Bought new needles at MDSW and swore that I would finish these socks before casting on for something else.  So… The sock went to the pool with me on Saturday.  (Actually made good progress there; brown yarn really needs to be worked in daylight, apparently!)

On Sunday, the sock went on a bike ride.  Hubby and I took the kids up to Baltimore for Tour Dem Parks, Hon! We rode 14 miles, and I didn’t die.  (Still a little surprised on that count!)  The kids didn’t complain. (Bonus!) It poured rain for ten minutes at the very end (so we all felt much cooler!), and then the sun came out, so the sock went with us to the after-party, where I almost finished it.  Of course, I’ve been about five rows and kitchener from the end of this sock for the past three days, so once again… progress is slow with this puppy!

(And the next time I get the urge to make men-sized socks out of dark yarn on size zero needles?  Someone smack me, please!)


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