Sheep and Wool!!!

This weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (known around here as just “Sheep and Wool!” in exactly the tone of voice that bold italics implies. Who, me, excited? 🙂

My parents in crime from last year, Carla and Hope, will be joining me again, and I think I’m looking forward to the girl time as much as the yarny goodness. Carla’s coming down tonight, and we’ll meet Robin at the fairgrounds bright and early tomorrow morning.

Since I’m already suffering from SABLE (Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) or close to it, I don’t really *need* any yarn. Hahahaha. You know that won’t stop me from buying yarn! This year I’m also going to look at spinning fiber and maybe another spindle. I always love to look at buttons; so many neat glass and pottery buttons that you just can’t find at the local sewing store. And I’d like a size 8 circular needle from Signature Needle Arts. (I’d also love some double-points from them in larger sizes, if the budget allows. I only have their DPNs in sock sizes, but I love them. The pointy tips and the not-so-slick body make for a DPN that is easy to use and won’t slip out of your work-in-progress. Perfect for wrestling with a sleeve attached to a top-down sweater!)

Plus, there will be yummy gyros, men in kilts, loads of adorable sheep and alpacas to pet, and lots and lots of fellow knitters. What’s not to love?!

I hope your weekend is full of yarny goodness, too!


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  1. I can’t WAIT! 🙂 I set the alarm this morning and realized, in 23 hours I’ll be on my way to MDSW! Squee!!

    Same problem here with SABLE. I had it in mind that I want something blue–pretty, shaded, ombre blue, but a very specific blue; not turquoise, not too dark; “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of blue–and then realized I have 2 pairs of sock yarn skeins that might fit the bill. Except I can’t make another Butterfly Winged Shawlette in 23 hours.

    No gyros for me unless they make them veggie–and no cookies this year!! I’m being good–but definitely, bring on the guys in the kilts!!

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